Protect the Vulnerable

Other programs focus on removing yourself from the threat, which in a perfect world, is the best case scenario. What if you have children with you? What if you are in a wheelchair? What if you are in a hospital setting? What if you are in a small confined work area? What if you are in an exposed outdoor area? What if you are working around valuable or explosive material? What then? We can teach you. Learn how to respond from the operators who walked into these situations willingly daily while on deployments.

Improvised Medicine

Per emergency services protocols and until the scene is safe, first response providers cannot respond to victims until the scene is secure. Law Enforcement must address the threat before assisting victims. Many victims perish from wounds that are easy to treat. Most of the population is misinformed on such treatments. If more people were trained in improvised medicine and could stop bleeding with techniques our instructors have used to save their brothers on the battlefield, the number of deaths from these events would drastically reduce.


We provide full scope security assessments from infrastructure threat analysis to training on crisis response, including improvised medical and facilitated sessions to develop a strategic crisis response plan. We do not just train and leave you. We ensure you have the necessary support to communicate your plan and any changes to your audience.